Rupes ibrid Nano Yellow Foam pad 70mm 9.BF70M


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9.BF Series M

The RUPES Fine Polishing Pads for Random Orbital provide a fine cut with a deep gloss finish. They are optimized for the RUPES compound viscosity and lubrication of the RUPES Keramik compound. The superior grade resins that compose the fine cell structure of these polishing pads increase the “gloss level” of the compounds while still offering a great speed of correction when polishing smaller defects. In addition to the RUPES Keramik compound, they are also optimized for RUPES Quarz Compound as a one-step solution and for RUPES Diamond Compound as high-gloss combination on hard paint.

The foam pads are key elements in the polishing process. Many variables in the technical specifications have to be taken into account to increase the performance. Dealing with different paints, compounds, and tools require different foams to make the job safe and efficient.



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