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Detailing Training

Are you inspired to become a professional detailer or turn your side hustle into a full-time detailing business?
This detailing training course is perfect for you!

With over 10 years of full-time professional detailing experience, our trainers are more than ready to share their experiences & best practices with you! After the training, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, skills & confidence to identify & restore various paint defects using the right polishing equipment & products!


16 hours (2 Days)

$800 (Skillsfuture Credit & UTAP Claimable**)

Class size:
2 – 6

Who should attend:
Junior Detailer, Shop Manager, Detailing Enthusiast

What you’ll learn:
1. Exterior Wash
You will learn the importance of using proper washing methods to avoid scratching the car’s surface. You will be trained on techniques such as the two-bucket method, the use of pH-balanced shampoo and proper drying techniques to achieve a scratch-free finish.
2. Surface Decontamination
You will gain an understanding of various types of surface contaminants and learn the safe and effective methods to remove them, ensuring a clean and smooth surface.
3. Engine Bay Detailing
You will learn how to safely degrease, clean, and dress engine components, ensuring that the engine bay not only looks great but also functions optimally by preventing corrosion and build up of dirt and grime.
4. Paint Thickness Measurement, Spot Sanding & Paint Correction
You will be trained to identify various paint defects such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. You will learn how to measure paint thickness and safely remove them by using polishing tools such as sander, rotary polisher & dual-action polisher, along with appropriate sanding disc & compound.
5. Paint Polishing
You will learn how to achieve the maximum gloss and paint clarity by performing a single step polish with a dedicated polishing compound on a dual-action polisher.
6. Paint Protection
You will learn how to properly apply ceramic coatings to provide long-lasting protection for paint, glass, and wheels. Additionally, you will be trained on the differences and the application of wax, sealants, and quick detailers.
7. Glass Polishing
You will learn the proper techniques for polishing glass and windows to remove slight imperfections, rainwater marks and to restore optical clarity to the surface.
8. Interior Detailing
You will be taught the intricacies of cleaning and detailing the car’s interior and learn how to safely clean and condition various materials such as leather, fabric, vinyl, and plastic. Additionally, you’ll learn how to properly apply interior conditioners to protect the interior surfaces.

Auto Maxima Detailing Academy
14 Ang Mo Kio Street 63
Singapore 569116

Next Training Dates:
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