Big Blaster Foamer Trigger Sprayer


Maximum foam output for maximum cleaning power.

The Big Blaster Foamer Trigger Sprayer produces a large volume of foam for demanding cleaning jobs. Use the Big Blaster Foamer with foaming carpet cleaners, all purpose cleaners, and degreasers. It makes big cleaning jobs easier by coating surfaces with clinging foam faster.

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For some jobs, foam is better! Foaming products are designed to cling to surfaces better or to leave the surface less wet, as is often the case with carpet cleaners. Get the maximum benefit of foaming products with the Big Blaster Foamer Trigger Sprayer. It has the highest output in the industry so you can coat surfaces quickly. For high volume detail shops and for cleaning large vehicles, the Big Blaster Foamer Trigger Sprayer is a big asset!

Use the Big Blaster Foamer Trigger Sprayer with 32 oz. spray bottles.

  • Unique foamer tip produces large volume of clinging foam
  • Highest output in the industry: 3.5 ml stroke 3-4 times greater than standard trigger sprayer
  • Large heavy duty design holds up to the most demanding usage applications
  • “Comfort-Grip” cushioned trigger minimizes user fatigue
  • Highest output – ideal for large, heavy duty foaming requirements
  • 9.25 inch dip tube

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Dimensions 13.5 × 3.5 × 33.5 cm



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