MaxShine Purple Duo Twisted Loop Drying Towel 60cm x 90cm 1200gsm


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The MaxShine Duo Twisted Loop Drying Towel is the ultimate solution for a quick and effective car drying experience. Made with unique super soft microfiber and featuring a twisted loop structure, this towel holds an impressive amount of water and provides a premium wash that reduces friction and enhances paint. The long-fiber twisted loop eliminates the surface tension and drag commonly found in ultra-thick towels.

At 60cm X 90cm, this giant purple towel is big enough to dry your entire vehicle in a single run, saving you time and money. The extra-thick and plush microfiber is gentle on your car’s surface and effortless to manoeuvre, leaving windows crystal clear without any lint, streaks, or swirls. The towel’s rounded corners trimmed with bound-in satin edging increase durability, while the rinse-free design absorbs every drop of water on your car.

With a thickness of 1200gsm, this towel boasts strong absorption capabilities, making it the perfect tool for achieving a brilliant car drying experience!



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