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Winning the “Best Snow Foam Lance 2021” in The Auto Express competition, MJJC Foam Cannon Pro V2.0 is rated the BEST foam cannon by many detailing enthusiasts & professionals around the world.

The MJJC Foam Cannon Pro is equipped with the most up-to-date MJJC foam technology, can produce extremely thick foam with a 1.25mm orifice nozzle on both larger and smaller pressure washers.

The 360-degree spray patterns on the MJJC Foam Cannon Pro make it feasible to spray foam for unusual angles and confined places. The MJJC Pro additionally has a broad leak-proof to display leaks in a horizontal position, as well as a flexible feed tube with a weighted ball to maintain the drawing foam to the end, regardless of orientation. MJJC Pro also has a novel connection system that allows for quick and easy replacement of nozzles, connections, and filters.

A 1/4 Inch Quick Connector Adapter is included. (If you require the adapter for Karcher K2 – K7, kindly PM us after your order, we will change it for you).

What’s New with the New Generation Foam Cannon Pro V2.0:

– 360 Degree Spray Patterns

– Easier to foam the top and chassis of your vehicle

– Better Foam Fan

– New Generation Foam Technology

– Thicker foam with less shampoo

– Up to 30% thicker foam

– Less noise

– Works with as low as 90Bar(1300Psi) pressure washers

– New Connection/Fitting

– Easier and faster to attach fitting, no need tape or glue

– New Tank and Cap

– More than 1 Litre capacity to wash bigger vehicles

– Easier to attach with foam cannon body

– Tank cap is leak proof even when you put upside down

– More stable, robust, and durable




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