Rupes Mille Blue Coarse Pad 150mm 9.BG150H


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9.BGSeries H

The Coarse Foam Polishing Pads for Gear Driven, in spite of their coarse constituition made of open cells, are specially indicated for cutting processes and severe paint defects removal, while leaving a shiny gloss in one step. They are designed to weaken the vibration typical of the gear driven polishers. The BigFoot Mille Coarse Compound is the idel combination for all paint typologies.

This new foam pad range has been developed to maximize the transmission of the gear driven tools mechanical movement to the worksurface. The low profile provides a grat user experience by reducing the overall distance from the operator to the work surface, improves stability and control during all phases of the polishing process, and also aids in reducing pad distortion caused by the gear driven tools movement and torque output.

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 1 cm



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