InnovaCar SC0 Hydro Sealant 500ml


SC0 Hydro Sealant by Innovacar is the water-based nanotechnological sealant spray for cars, suitable for bodywork and paint. Thanks to its unique and innovative formula, it can create a chemical and molecular barrier coating. With nanotechnology it will be possible to protect the car bodywork for several months. In detail, it is an innovative solution with the following characteristics:

Protective chemical barrier: through the siloxanes and fluoropolymers in the water-based formula, a nanotechnological chemical and molecular barrier is created, which protects and envelops the car bodywork, making it highly resistant.
Mirror effect and colour depth: its unique formula creates a mirror effect and gives depth of colour.
Greater water repellent effect: has an incredible water repellent and rainproof effect. It protects against limescale during the curing time, which is when the coatings harden.
Silk effect: thanks to the protective barrier, the surface of the bodywork will be smooth to the touch.
Suitable for all surfaces: thanks to the absence of petroleum distillates, it is suitable to withstand high temperatures and can be used directly on painted surfaces.
Long lasting: the protective effect lasts up to 5 months if applied alone on the car after being cleaned properly with SP1 Prewash and S2 Foamy. The protection can last up to 9 months, if combined with W1 Quick Detailer used 20 minutes after the first application of SC0 Hydro Sealant and maintained over time with H20 Coat, every 3 washes.
Suitable for cars with and withing coating: it is a product that can be used both on cars that have benefitted from a coating and/or polishing process, and on cars that have not been treated. This also makes it perfect for classic cars, the original paint condition of which must be preserved as much as possible.
Average consumption: 30 ml per vehicle.

Summarised technical data:
Self-cleaning capacity: 5/5
Duration: 5/5
Beading: 5/5
Colour depth: 5/5
Drying: In 1 hour
Curing time: After 7 hours
pH: 7.00

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