Koch Chemie Protector Wax 10kg



Protector Wax

After many years of research and an extensive test phase, we succeeded in making a full booking: ProtectorWax sets new standards in car wash waxes.

In addition to the drying properties, high-gloss, water repellent and long-term protection are becoming increasingly important in mechanical vehicle washing. These three additional properties are achieved through a unique care combination. The beading effect or the hydrophobization is shown by a round drop shape and a slight drop run in the drying fan. In addition, the gloss and the service life of the wax application depend fundamentally on the above-mentioned care components. The challenge in developing such a product is to compose the appropriate combination of ingredients first under laboratory conditions and then in extensive practical tests to perfection.

  • High-gloss additives with long-term effects

  • Optimal water repellent effect for a clear view in the rain

  • Intensive protection also for the convertible roof

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 29 cm



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