Bodyguard Bead MAX


Paint treated with Bead Max forms an exceptionally smooth and shiny protective layer. When used regularly, fine scratches and matting are masked and the paint is protected against aggressive environmental influences. It maintains and waterproofs all rubber and plastic components, as well as all convertible roof fabrics, and thus contributes significantly to the preservation of the vehicle.


the lotus effect, and a long-term protection are becoming increasingly important. These three additional properties are achieved through a unique care system. The lotus effect, or beading, is demonstrated by a round teardrop shape and light droplets running when under the dryer. Furthermore, the shine and lifespan of the wax job depend fundamentally on the aforementioned properties. The challenge in developing such a product is combining the perfect blend of ingredients, first in a laboratory and then in extensive practical tests.

  • High-gloss additives with long-lasting effect
  • Optimal lotus effect for clearer visibility in the rain
  • Intensive protection, also for convertible roofs

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500 ml, 5 liters



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