Bodyguard Microfiber Coating Applicator with Waterproof Barrier (Pack of 12)


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The all-new Bodyguard Microfiber Coating Applicator is crafted to elevate your detailing experience with its innovative features!

Engineered with an inner waterproof barrier, this innovative design prevents the coating from being absorbed by the sponge, ensuring every drop of your expensive coating stays on the car during application!

Bodyguard Coating Applicator is equipped with a soft & gentle microfiber material, allowing you to glide over car surfaces smoothly, minimizing the risk of scratches during coating application. This perfect-sized applicator offers a comfortable grip, allowing you to reach even the most intricate areas of your vehicle with ease!

Compared to traditional microfiber or suede applicators, this all-new Coating Applicator is designed to reduce product build-up, preventing the coating from becoming tacky during application as it cures, to ensure a smooth and even application from start to finish!

For added convenience, this applicator features a two-tone design, allowing for easy differentiation between the first and second use or first and second coat! 

Stay organized and efficient while achieving professional-grade results with ease.

Upgrade your detailing arsenal with Bodyguard Microfiber Coating and experience the difference for yourself!

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