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Are you buffing blindly into the clear coat without knowing the paint thickness? Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to tackle any paint correction project that comes your way with NexDiag Paint Thickness Gauge (NexPTG)!
As detailers, we know that the paint is extremely thin. Knowing how much surface area you’re working on is extremely critical in the paint correction process!

NexPTG Professional uses a spherical probe to measure down the base element of the vehicles panel. Whether it be steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum, the NexPTG will be able to deliver the measurement to your compatible smart phone’s app via bluetooth!

NexPTG has the ability to read measurements ranging from 0 – 2500 microns and has a very precise reading with a measurement resolution of 1 micron or 0.04 mils!

An advanced version of the NexPTG lacquer thickness gauge, which enables fast, accurate and intuitive vehicle testing. The Professional version has a movable head allowing for precise measurements on concave and convex elements.

  • Testing substrate: Steel [Fe] / Zinc-plated steel [Fe+Zn] / Aluminum [Al]
  • Recognized substrate types: [Fe] / [Fe+Zn] / [Al]
  • Range of measurement: 0 – 2500 μm (0 – 98.43 mils)
  • Type of probe / End of probe: movable/spherical
  • Possible measurement on curvatures (profiled probe housing)
  • Resolution of measurement: 1 μm (0.04 mils)
  • Measurement memory: up to 4000 items
  • Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • SAPL Extended: lacquer coating analysis system
  • Suggested measurement points
  • Creation and export of measurement history
  • Creation and export of reports
  • API communication
  • Supported systems: iOS / Android

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