MaxShine Mini Handheld Dryer Blower


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The MaxShine Mini Handheld Blower is the perfect tool for removing water from hard-to-reach areas such as grilles, bumpers, vents, and wheels. With a powerful 1.5HP motor, it increases air temperature up to 25 degrees above ambient temperature, making drying faster and more efficient. Its filtered air is also safe for use on delicate surfaces like paint, chrome, and plastics.

The ergonomic handle provides comfortable grip and optimizes reaching every area in any orientation. Despite its power, the MaxShine Mini Handheld Blower remains lightweight, making it easy to handle for extended periods of time. The 20ft/6M cord and 2 included nozzles add to its versatility and make it a must-have tool for any car detailer.

MaxShine Mini Handheld Blower makes your car detailing experience faster, more efficient, and more comfortable. Get yours today and experience the difference it makes in your detailing process.

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