Buff Brite Fur-eel Cat, Dog & Pet Hair Remover Vacuum Attachment



WORLDS FASTEST: The Fur-eel is 5 times faster than any other pet hair remover on the market

POWERFUL: Polymeric/Silicone bristles GRAB pet hair for easy vacuum removal

TRUSTED: Loved by Pet owners WORLD WIDE

USE EVERYWHERE: Fits most Household, Car Wash, and Shop Vacuums

VERSATILE: Designed to fit 2 main types of vacuum hoses, covering 90% of vacuum hose applications on the market:
1) Homestyle vacuums with 3.17cm / 1.25″ outside diameter hose end will fit inside this attachment’s inside diameter.
2) Homestyle and shop-vac style vacuums with a 3.81cm / 1.5″ inside diameter hose end will fit over this attachment’s outside diameter.

A) For vacuums with 3.5cm / 1.38″ outside diameter
B) For Dyson Vacuum

Fur-eel Pro II:
The Fur-eel PRO ll (version 2.0) is a powerful pet hair removal tool that lasts 10 times longer than v1. With its 3 X longer teeth and increased side venting, it creates massive amounts of positive airflow to efficiently remove hair from any surface!

Hammer Head:
Do you love the Fur-eel PRO but Wish it had a wider path for larger jobs. The Hammerhead is just what you need! Made from the same material, as it’s little brother, the Hammerhead will cover a 6 inch wide area easily. Just drag the tool backwards and the polymeric silicone does the rest. It will last for years under normal use. Just like the smaller tool it will easily adapt with 3.17cm/1.25″ outside or 3.81cm/1.5″ inside diameter hose end. The same adapters that fit the Fur-eel PRO will transfer right to this tool!

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Fang + Fur-eel Pro Combo, Fang + Fur-eel Pro + Pro II Combo, Adapter A, Dyson Adapter, Fur-eel Pro II refill, Hammer Head


Buff Brite

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