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The best way to achieve a flawless interior!

The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool gives you the power to clean each and every inch of your car’s interior to perfection! The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool allows you to combine both the cleaning potential of your favorite all-purpose cleaner with the penetrative power of your air compressor. The glass reinforced Zylon body of The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool means that this tool is plenty sturdy enough for years of use without falter. You will be able to reach every nook and cranny of your car’s interior thanks to the long and angled neck of The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool!

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There are areas of our interiors that are often ignored during a standard detailing process. It is easy to follow the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality and simply let the nooks and crannies of your interior collect years’ worth of dust and debris. However, if anyone were to cast more than a passing glance at your car’s interior, they would easily be able to notice your negligence.

Cleaning these niche areas of your interior may seem like more trouble than it’s worth though. And that would most certainly be the case, if you don’t have The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool. This innovative tool allows you to achieve the same level of clean that you give to your upholstery and dash to the inconspicuous, hard-to-reach areas of your interior!

The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool combines the cleaning power of your favorite APC with the sheer force of your air compressor. This means that whether you are cleaning between your seat cushions, in the cracks of your doors, or your AC vents, you will always be able to effectively clean the surface!

The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool comes with The Cap Mate that can be attached right onto any 16 or 32 oz. bottle of all-purpose cleaner. This means you won’t have to worry about measuring out your dilution ratios or siphoning your cleaner into a spare bottle. The Detail Mate Pro Detailing Tool will then siphon out the perfect amount of cleaner automatically as you work!

This Money saving kit comes with 9 separate brush heads to enhancing your cleaning potential. You will receive one of each type of brush in 3 different sizes. The sizes and brush types are listed below.

Brush Sizes:
• Standard – 14mm fine tip brush for those tight to reach areas.
• Medium—28mm Ideal for general cleaning.
• Large—55mm Perfect for larger surface areas.

Brush Materials:
• Soft Black Nylon Brush – Safe on almost any surface. They provide a soft buffer zone between the surface being cleaned and the tool. They are excellent for cleaning exterior trim, delicate interior panels and fabrics.
• Firm White Crimped Nylon Brush – Designed for jobs that require stronger agitation. The dense nylon bristles are perfect for heavily soiled dense rugs and floor mats.
• Premium Horse Hair – Designed for exceptional performance, the soft and durable horse hair is the ideal match for cleaning leather or fabrics.

This tool requires a Male Coupler Plug to attach to an air compressor.

Max PSI: 90 Max



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