Koch Chemie Felgenblitz Rim Cleaner 33 kg


Rim cleaner alkaline viscous

The powerful, highly alkaline rim cleaner with excellent dirt absorption and cleaning performance based on a special dirt carrier for all alkali-resistant aluminum and steel rims. Burned-in brake dusts and environmental dirt are removed quickly and thoroughly. The viscous setting causes a long sticking and soaking. With pearl-off effect and gloss additives. Free from organic complexing agents and phosphates. With Daimler approval.

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Rim cleaner, neutral, viscous

Powerful pH neutral rim cleaning gel on the basis of a special neural ingredient. Burned in brake dusts, rust traces and other inorganic dirt are removed thoroughly and gently. The viscous setting leads to long adhesion and interaction. The effectiveness is made visible by the indicator (red colouring).With water repelling effect and gloss additives.

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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 29 × 26 × 50 cm



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