Chemicalguys Raging Banana Scent Air Freshener 16oz AIR 252 16


Raging Banana Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator smells like a bunch of ripe, sweet bananas that will make your mouth water and will help eliminate any bad odors and bad vibes while instantly lifting your mood!

Awesome Raging Banana Features:

  • Smells like ripe, sweet yellow bananas
  • Delicious scent helps transform any space and maybe even your mood
  • Eliminate foul odors with every spray
  • Inspired by the Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax scent you love
  • Get the sweet scent of everyone’s favorite fruit on demand

The Scent You Crave Now Available Anywhere, Anytime

Raging Banana Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator smells like bright yellow bananas perfectly ripe and ready to eat! Now you get to enjoy all the sensations associated with the curvy tropical yellow fruit without the hassle of going to the store, finding the perfect bunch, and waiting for it to ripen. With just one spray, you can practically feel your hands peeling the soft skin down to reveal the yummy white core inside ready to be gobbled down. Powerful odor eliminators infused in the formula help remove bad scents at the source, enhancing the smell and transforming any stinky space into a delicious tropical paradise. Inspired by the Blazin’ Banana Spray Wax scent you love, Raging Banana refreshes and reinvigorates any space with the smell you told us you couldn’t get enough of!

Lifts Any Rotten Mood

Got road rage? In a rotten mood? Spray Raging Banana and experience sensory bliss as you take in the delicious scent and your spirits rise. Just one spritz of the sweet scent of everyone’s favorite fruit to remove bad odors and any negativity that may be weighing you down. It’s like the instant mood booster that everyone needs to keep close by at all times! Someone ruining your mood? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Spray Raging Banana in your car, office, house, or anywhere that you need to spray away the negativity and the bad smells and replace them with the mouthwatering scent of Raging Banana Air Freshener!

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