Nanolex Si3D Coating 50ml


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Nanolex Si3D

Based on sophisticated organic Polysilazane technology Nanolex Si3D forms a cross-linked three-dimensional matrix to give superb hydrophibicity and increased hardness paired with outstanding durability and a much easier to clean surface.

Nanolex Si3D will add a several micron thick clear coat with a color-darkening effect to the treated surface.

The coating thickness, combined with the density of Nanolex Si3D matrix, makes the coating highly resistant to abrasion and chemical attack caused by frequent washing.

The high-performance polymers in Si3D are all free of aromatic solvents and fluorine.

To achieve the desired results only one layer of Si3D is required.

Nanolex Si3D was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

superb hydrophobicity easy to clean surface increased hardness outstanding durability

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