InnovaCar SC2 Dressing 500ml


SC2 Dressing by Innovacar is the most suitable product to dressing, renovate and regenerate internal and external car components, such as plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber and acrylic materials that are worn over time and by atmospheric effects. It offers an optimal solution that is suitable for all needs, thanks to its latest generation water-based formula. Here are the main features of the car plastics and reviver dressing, such as dashboards and bumpers, and the nanotechnological fabric regenerator:

Hydrophobic shield and water repellency: thanks to its formulation, with siloxanes composed of SiO2, it is able to create a molecular and chemical barrier similar to that of quartz that protects against UV rays and gives water repellency. While fluoroadditives combine the ability to spread the product evenly without having the “orange peel” effect, with the ability to protect surfaces longer and resist acid and alkaline washes.
Withstands high temperatures: it is free of petroleum distillates and can therefore be applied easily and at extreme temperatures without whitening and releasing oily substances; therefore, it is suitable to withstand the summer heat or the temperatures of the engine compartment.
Reduces the ageing of fabrics and leather: thanks to the protective effect, it can reduce damage due to rubbing and allows the car’s fabrics and leather to be more durable.
Regenerating and revitalising effect: the dressing has a deep, non-glossy black effect which, combined with the colour retention properties, lasts up to 5 months.
Gentle formula: it is a hydrocarbon-free product that is even suitable for delicate car surfaces, such as leather, gaskets and plastics.
Creamy formula: thanks to the creamy formula of the product, it does not drip on vertical surfaces.

Summarised technical data:
Self-cleaning capacity: 5/5
Beading: 5/5
Colour depth: 5/5
Duration: 5/5
Drying: In 20 minutes.
Curing time: After 7 hours
pH: 6.50

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