InnovaCar H20 Coat


H20 Coat by Innovacar is the water-repellent and rain-repellent treatment on your car: simple and easy application, even on a wet car, for an instant hydrophobic booster.

The product enhances the physical effects of:
Sheeting: makes the treated surface (the bodywork) incredibly slippery, generating a self-cleaning effect on the car and facilitating rapid self-drying.
Beading or lotus effect: the water residues that are deposited form droplets that are easy to remove.
Once the product is cured with both effects in operation, a self-cleaning action is activated as the droplets that settle on the surface slide off trapping dirt and contamination within them.

Main features:
Water-repellent effect and H2O protective shield: the chemical barrier created provides an instant, effective and long-lasting rain-repellent effect, up to 3 months.
Easy drying: thanks to its characteristics and the quick self-drying effect, the treatment of the vehicle can be completed by reducing drying operations through the water layer technique.
Simple and quick application: it is applied by simply spraying the product on the wet car and rinsing; the effect is activated immediately.
Easy cleaning: after application, it makes the car easier to clean, facilitating the slipperiness of the mitt or microfibre cloths.
Suitable for all materials: in addition to the body, it can be used safely on all external materials such as metal finishes, rims and windows.
Bird drop protection: its special particles automatically spread to adhere quickly to the surface, protecting it from chemicals and bird drops.
Underbody protection: is applicable in the affected part to protect it by giving water repellency and a rainproof effect by preserving it more over time from salt and road dirt.
Average consumption: 80 ml per vehicle.

Summarised technical data:
Self-cleaning capacity: 5/5
Beading: 5/5
Duration: 4/5

Product of Italy

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1000ml, 4540ml



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