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Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax is an easy to use synthetic super polymer spray wax that rapidly delivers an extreme streak-free shine and slickness to all glossy painted surfaces, glass, metal, chrome, and wheels!

Awesome Product Features:

  • Give your paint a slick & brilliant shine
  • Rapid results in less time
  • Keeps your car cleaner for longer
  • Enhances a slick and slippery surface
  • Synthetic streak-free formula
  • Helps repel water, dust, dirt, contamination
  • Perfect for chrome, glass, painted surfaces
  • Save time with a simple spray
  • The quick and easy way to shine and protect
  • Perfect for use as a drying aid

The Fast Way to Protect, Maintain, Enhance, and Rejuvenate

Achieve a deep, bright, and brilliant glossy reflective shine and paint protection in an easy to use spray wax with Lucent Spray Shine! This super polymer based formula is developed using Premium Synthetic Paint Gloss Intensifiers to give your vehicle’s paint unparalleled protection and a show car finish without any streaks or wax residues left behind. Lucent Spray Shine can even be used on wet or dry surfaces- use it after a wash while you dry with your vehicle favorite microfiber towel to enhance shine and protection.

Maximize and Enhance Shine, Protection, and Durability

Lucent is the easiest way to rapidly deliver a streak-free shine with stunning results on any color paintwork. The versatile formula can also be used as a quick detail spray- use the slick synthetic formula to quickly and easily remove dirt, debris, bird droppings, brake dust, and road grime without scratching sensitive paintwork. The fully-synthetic formula cleans and shines all paint colors in between full washes, and helps wax and sealant coats last longer, making it the perfect choice for maintaining your shine on the go.

Synthetic Formula Helps Repel Fresh Dirt

Lucent delivers a bright slick synthetic finish that makes it easier to maintain a cleaner vehicle for longer. Buffing and wiping with traditional quick detail sprays creates static electricity that attracts airborne dust, dirt, and pollen. Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Spray Wax is blended with specialty lubricants and slickening agents that help reduce static caused by surface friction. Less static attracts and traps less dust and dirt over time, keeping your car cleaner and shining for longer! The versatile formula is perfect for glossy painted surfaces, glass, shiny wheels, and glossy painted plastics. Protect, maintain, enhance, and rejuvenate your paint in one easy step with Lucent Spray Shine Synthetic Wax!

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