Bodyguard Endure Pro Dynamic GlassCoating 30 ml


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Endure Pro dynamic water-repellency was achieved by finding a perfect balance of many different elements: appropriate raw materials, the perfect blending ratio, smoothness of the coat’s surface, the ideal water-contact angle, and many others. It is not enough to simply bind fluorine components to the surface of the coat.
The base component  is silicone, and its special metallic binders link with an even distribution of fluorine throughout the coat. In addition, the water-contact angle is adjusted by changing the blending ratio of fluorine and creating an amazing smoothness on the glass coat, which brings out an excellent and effective water run-off performance.

  • Extremely high coating durability of 3-5 years.
  • ・The special Accelerator technology strongly bonds the glass coating to the painted surface.
  • ・Due to a chemical reactive curing with a 3-component blended mixture realizes the best coating formation and a trouble-free application.
  • ・With the highest performance and durability,
    • Endure Pro is undoubtedly the high-end coating product


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