Bodyguard Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax


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Bodyguard Ceramic Crystal Coating Wax

Our ceramic paste wax will ensure the best results for deep gloss, shine and protection!

With technology advancements in the detailing industry, our ceramic wax is a combination blend of the #1 grade of carnauba wax/ceramic Sio2 infused creating a superior layer of paint protection lasting up to 6 months. It makes your vehicle’s paint clean with simple maintenance creating high strength, high water resistance/water beading, and one of the best products for leaving the longest lasting shine and protection!

How to apply:

Wash and dry the vehicle very thorough, making sure all dirt/contaminants have been removed. Then use the yellow soft applicator pad that is included (or your favorite detailing wax applicator pad) to apply a layer of the product to the entirety of the vehicle surface to ensure complete coverage. Allow the product to sit for a minimum of 1-2 minutes before wiping off with a clean, plush microfiber cloth. This product is completely safe to also be buffed on with a DA if you so choose.

For Best Results:

Apply out of direct sunlight.

Product Date: Labeled underneath each can

Expiration Date: 3 years from product date

Net Weight: 200g of Bodyguard Ceramic Crystal Coating (Paste) Wax

Additional information

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