Scholl Concept E2000 Polishing Compound Medium 1 liter


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E2000 is a very efficient 1-Step Detailing Compound covering a wide range of applications on all common paint systems. Eliminates weathered and heavily scratched paint surfaces in one single step. Despite its tremendous cutting performance the superior, mirror-like gloss of the 1-Step Detailing Compound is remarkable. Even holograms and swirl marks on dark paint surfaces can be polished out easily.The compound has been specifically developed for the detailer and is not Body Shop safe! For the latter we recommend theuse of our premium compounds.


E2000 can generally be used with all SCHOLL Polishing Pads. To achieve an excellent high-gloss finish in just one single step on fresh paintwork we recommend using the hard, white Polishing Pad. On used and weathered surfaces best re-sults can be achieved with the universal, orange Pad. The E2000 was designed for applications with rotary polishers. However, it can also be applied easily with a modern high-stroke dual action polisher.

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