Mckee’s 37 Graphene Ceramic 3-in-1 Polish 16oz MKGC-170


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McKee’s 37 Graphene 3-In-1 Ceramic Polish combines a paint polish, swirl remover, and graphene ceramic sealant in one easy-to-use formula.  Formulated using ultra-refined graphene-oxide ceramic resins blended with chemical cleaners and micro abrasives, Graphene 3-In-1 Ceramic Polish enhances the depth and color of your vehicle’s paint by removing embedded dirt and light defects while simultaneously sealing it for long-lasting protection.  Apply by hand or machine with a foam polishing or finishing pad.

Graphene 3-In-1 Ceramic Polish is designed for the professional or enthusiast that wants to save time, without sacrificing much in terms of longevity, gloss, or slickness.  Use Graphene 3-In-1 Ceramic Polish to remove light swirl marks and oxidation while imparting a glossy, slick graphene shine that lasts upwards of year.


Shake well.  Do not apply to a hot panel.  Machine Application:  Apply 3 nickel-sized drops of polish directly onto a Redline All-In-One White Foam Pad and set your (dual action) polisher speed between 4000 and 5000 OPM.  Working one panel at a time, perform 4-5 overlapping section passes.  Then, wipe off excess and buff to a high gloss using a Microfiber Towel.  Hand Application:  Apply a quarter-sized dollop of product onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.  Work into surface until product starts to haze.  Buff off excess using a Microfiber Towel.

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McKee's 37

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