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SPAM Universal Cleaner

SPAM is a highly effective and material friendly universal cleaner, aimed at the effortless removal of a wide range of contaminations on various surfaces like cars, boats, caravans and households (e.g. furniture). The “Ready To Use” formula leaves a pleasant “fresh“ fragrance.

Surface cleaning of the car interior:
Spray SPAM on the red MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth, wipe down all the smooth surfaces, rinse the cloth in water and wipe the surface again.

Fabric and roof liner cleaning:
Spray SPAM on the dirty area and rub out in a circular motion with a damp red MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth. Remove the dissolved grime using a vacuum cleaner or a spray extraction device!

Removal of stubborn grime in vehicle interiors:
Example: Removal of shoe scuff marks on door panels: Apply SPAM on the DIRT ERASER Pad and work the dirty area until clean. Wipe down with a damp red MicroPLUS Finishing Cloth.


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