InnovaCar S2 Foamy Pink Coloured Car Shampoo 1000ml


Pink S2 Foam Color by Innovacar is the car shampoo that generates a pink snow foam to clean your car effectively, even with a neutral pH. It also creates a colorful effect specifically without compromising on the cleaning capacity of the original formula.

It represents the ideal alternative to achieving a thrill during the washing steps, without ruining the protection of previously applied nanotechnological protective films.

The main features are:
Color effect active foam: this creates a cheerful pink tinged foam that covers the entire bodywork of the car. Plus, the color aids the rinsing stage by making the residues clearly visible and making it possible to correctly manage the times and duration of this step.
Sweet watermelon fragrance: during the application of the product it releases the summery scent of sweet watermelon.
Enzyme-based organic decontamination: Pink S2 Foamy Color with added enzymes provides deep cleaning**, subject to patent protection*, this makes it a product suitable for organic decontamination and for fighting organic dirt with direct action on dirt substrate molecules.
Plant-based surfactants: also thanks to the use of plant-based surfactants and no added phosphorus, EDTA or NTA it is completely biodegradable.
Gentle touch on gaskets and plastics: also with the aid of plant-based surfactants and no added sodium hydroxide, the product can reduce the “stress cracking” process on plastic.
PH neutral shampoo detergent: making it a suitable solution to avoid damaging interactions with the nanotechnological protective films. It does not ruin previously applied layers.
High concentration: thanks to the considerable concentration, it is possible to obtain effective cleaning and a high washing power also with the use of a small amount.
Average consumption: 20 ml per vehicle.

Summarised technical data:
Cleaning action: 4/5
Foam effect: 5/5
With enzymes: YES
Coating safety: : YES
Surface safety: YES
pH Neutral

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