InnovaCar S2 Foamy Car Shampoo


S2 Foamy by Innovacar is the ideal product for completely washing and cleaning your car and it is designed to offer an advanced solution for cleaning the bodywork of the car. In detail, this is a car shampoo with snow effect active foam with the following characteristics:

Deep organic decontamination: S2 Foamy, the first active foam shampoo for car detailing with deep cleansing and additivated with enzymes, subject to patent protection*, is born. It is able to break down the most stubborn organic dirt quickly and easily, thanks to the prolonged enzymatic action on the same dirt substrate molecules.
Snow foam effect: thanks to the effect of the foam with long-lasting adhesion to the bodywork, the product has more time to provide its action, and thanks to the lubrication, the amount of time required for mitts and brushes is minimised.
Concentrated: a smaller amount of product is enough to achieve a considerable and effective cleaning power, even with deep cleaning.
Protective agents: it is able to prolong previously applied protective and nanotechnological films and prepare the car for the next protective treatment.
PH neutral shampoo: Its neutral pH preserves the surfaces of the bodywork treated with coating and polishing processes and, thanks to its characteristics, it is able to easily eliminate road dirt and contaminations.
Gentle on plastic materials and also plant-based surfactants: the formula does not contain added sodium hydroxide, there is no added phosphorus and no EDTA or NTA. Thanks to the use of plant-based surfactants, “stress cracking” on the plastic parts is considerably reduced, treating them gently and therefore preserving them better over time.
Average consumption: 20 ml per vehicle.

Summarised technical data:
Cleaning action: 4/5
Foam effect: 5/5
With enzymes: YES
Coating safety: : YES
Surface safety: YES
pH: 7.00

Product of Italy

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1000ml, 4540ml



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