InnovaCar S2 Foamy Blue Coloured Shampoo 1000ml


S2 Foamy Color by InnovaCar is the colored pH neutral foam car shampoo suited for washing the car, creating a specific color effect, preserving the performance characteristics of the colorless neutral formula.

It is the ideal product for achieving a cheerful effect during washing, preserving any previously applied nanotechnological protective films.

Main features:
Blue Snow Foam effect: it creates an adherent and colored foam that covers the car. A fun effect that recalls the color of the sea and a thousand blue bubbles. The color also helps during the rinsing stage, guiding time and duration: simply proceed with plenty of water until it is completely removed from the bodywork of the car.
Plant-based surfactants: also thanks to the use of plant-based surfactants and no added phosphorus, EDTA or NTA it is completely biodegradable.
Flower Explosion: Intense floral essence that accompanies the wash and will make you feel like you are in a field of flowers.
PH neutral car shampoo: This is a gentle and non-aggressive shampoo, particularly suitable for nanotechnological protective films as it does not remove or ruin them.
Organic Decontamination: Blue S2 Foamy Color with added enzymes, subject to patent protection*, provides a deep** organic decontamination. The formula fights organic dirt with an active action on dirt substrate molecules.
High concentration: The product is concentrated, and cleaning with effective washing power can be achieved even with a small amount of shampoo.
It does not damage plastic or seals: By also using plant-based surfactants and not containing any added sodium hydroxide, this solution guarantees the safety of the delicate parts of the car, such as plastic and seals.
Average consumption: 20 ml per vehicle.

Summarised technical data:
Cleaning action: 4/5
Foam effect: 5/5
With enzymes: YES
Coating safety: : YES
Surface safety: YES
pH Neutral

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