Tornador Enzyme Multi Purpose cleaner 2oz


Rev up your Tornador Car Cleaning Gun’s cleaning power with Tornador Enzyme Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner. This enzyme-powered cleaner removes stains and eliminates odors on car upholstery, carpets, vinyl, plastics, rubber, even glass! The concentrated cleaner is pre-measured for maximum potency.

Enzymes make the difference! Active enzymes break up stains right before your eyes. Tornador Enzyme Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner is hyper concentrated to give you the most cleaning power for your money. Each pre-measured package is airtight to lock in the enzymes until the cleaner is used. You’ll achieve consistent, amazing results with every use!

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Tornador Enzyme Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner removes spots and spills from carpet and upholstery, eliminates films on plastics, rubber, and vinyl, and it even removes smoker’s film from glass! This enzyme-powered cleaner is safe on every automotive surface.

Tornador Enzyme Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner is designed for use with the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun but it can also be used as a spot pre-treatment when diluted in a 32 oz. spray bottle.

Directions for the Tornador Cleaning Gun:

  1. Add 32 oz. of water to the 1000 line on the Tornador cup. Add Tornador Enzyme Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner to the cup and shake lightly.
  2. Turn liquid/air switch to the upright position to deliver the solution.
  3. Hold cleaning nozzle 1-3 inches from the area to be cleaned. Begin a back and forth action over the area until the stain is removed.
  4. Turn the liquid/air switch in the down position and dry the treated area.
  5. Wipe over the area with a soft, clean towel.

Directions for Pre-Treatment:

    1. Fill 32 oz. container with water to the 30 oz. level to eliminate foaming.

Add Tornador Enzyme Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner to the water and shake lightly.

  1. If cleaning carpet or upholstery, pre vacuum or dry brush the area to be cleaned to separate the fibers.
  2. Spray area and allow the cleaner to dwell for 2-3 minutes. Use a brush to agitate the area or follow with the Tornador Car Cleaning Gun.

Rinsing is optional. If desired, fill the Tornador jar with water only and proceed with rinsing and then air drying.

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