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The Duck Foaming Sprayer turns any car cleaning chemical into a powerful foaming mega cleaner that sticks to filthy surfaces for the deepest clean with the minimal amount of effort!

Use This To:

  • Turn thin liquid into thick sticky foam
  • Get better result with less product
  • Tackle detailing jobs inside and outside vehicle
  • Get enhanced cleaning power with less scrubbing
  • Dilute product right into bottle

Spray Foam For Best Results

Spraying a car cleaner is an efficient way to coat a dirty car part, but a thin liquid could just run down the surface. Every pull of the Ducky Trigger sprayer pumps out 3.5 ml of cleaning product foam for fast and efficient coverage. The fully-adjustable nozzle can be set up for spraying thick or thin cleansing foam anywhere needed.

Endless Possibilities In And Out Of Car

When a cleaner is in a foam, it has time to stick onto the dirty car part and actually work to clean and degrease. Fill the Ducky with your favorite Chemical Guys degreaser, wheel cleaner, or all-purpose cleaner to turbocharge your detailing process! The extra-large 32oz solution bottle comes printed with a dilution ratio chart on the side for easy mixing and custom blending.


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