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BLACKFIRE Tire Gel darkens and conditions rubber to restore the look of new tires. This thick, water-based tire dressing provides a natural, matte look with one coat or a high gloss finish with two coats. UV inhibitors and polymers protect tires to maintain their color and flexibility. BLACKFIRE Tire Gel provides the concours look that complements any vehicle.

Healthy, new rubber should be dark. That’s why BLACKFIRE Tire Gel is so fitting for our tire protectant gel. It restores the blackness to tires and helps maintain it with UV inhibitors and ozone blockers. Regular use helps prevent fading and cracking. Tires that have lost their flexibility are more likely to crack. BLACKFIRE Tire Gel blocks the ozone that speeds up depletion of the rubber’s plasticizers. Your tires will stay dark and supple.

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