Griots’s Pump up foamer


The Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer allows you to get the absolute maximum potentially out of any spray applied product you use! With a unique design that ensures any product you put in it will be applied with a thick, foamy lather, the Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer allows product to linger on the surface longer, effectively increasing their results. The Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer boasts a 60-ounces capacity, reducing the number of times you’ll have to stop to fill it back up drastically. Being able to reach a maximum pressure of 43psi allows the Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer to always guarantee a consistent application of your chosen product. The Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer is made with a chemical resistant polypropylene that allows you to use even the strongest chemicals in your detailing arsenal without fear of harming the sprayer.

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When you are working diligently on your car, nothing throws off your rhythm like having to stop and refill the bottle you are using so you can continue applying your product. Most typical sprayers only have a capacity of 32 ounces. This means that you will be stopping frequently to refill your spray bottle before you can continue with your important work. The Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer boasts a carrying capacity of 60 ounces!With a carrying capacity of that caliber, you will find yourself stopping for a refill nearly half as often as before!

Many of the cleaners and other detailing products on the market today are quite corrosive and harsh. If you are using a spray bottle made with standard plastic, these chemicals will eat through it in record time, leaving you with a leaky bottle and slowly diminishing product. The Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer is made with chemical resistant polypropylene, so you will never have to worry about using corrosive chemicals in your detailing routine.

The Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Foamer is also capable of producing up to 43psi of pressure. With a pressure maximum that high, you will always receive a consistent and extra foamy application of your chosen product



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