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The Gallon Dispenser Pump allows you to dispense only the amount of product you need from 64 oz. and gallon containers. The pump makes it convenient to buy products in bulk, and you’ll save money, too.

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Use the pump to dispense dressings and liquid waxes onto an applicator, or transfer concentrated products into new containers without spilling. The Gallon Dispenser Pump dispenses 1 ounce of liquid per stroke. Pump out an ounce of tire gel directly onto your applicator. Measure out a specific amount of concentrate into a secondary container.

The Gallon Dispenser Pump is perfect for pro detailers or anyone that prefers to buy products by the gallon or half gallon. The pump is a cleaner, more convenient way to dispense liquids from large containers.

The Gallon Dispenser Pump is made of polypropylene with an 11 inch dip tube and stainless steel sprin



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5 Litres, 1 gallon

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