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The versatile All In The Details Brushes get into the smallest exterior cracks and crevices like no other brush to provide a truly thorough clean without scratching or swirling.

Use This Brush To:

Agitate stuck-in dirt and grime
Lightly dust dry surfaces
Intensely scrub wet surfaces
Finally clean all those hard to reach places
Reach deep into small and tight spaces
Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

For those places that your hands just can’t fit, reach for the All in the Details Brushes. Use the premium boar head bristles of the Exterior Brushes to dislodge tough set-in grime from emblems, thin wheel spokes, slatted grilles, lug nuts, engine bays, and exhaust tips.

No Space Too Small

Each package comes with three brushes of various sizes to give you ultimate control over all areas of your car, no matter how small. The premium boars head and synthetic bristles are strong enough to dislodge set-in grime, but soft enough to not scratch or mar the sensitive surfaces. The high quality plastic construction ensures these brushes are lightweight, easy to use, and last.


Chemical Guys

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